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Google Base/Froogle Feed

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Product Description

IMPORTANT: This module is currently around 98% compliant with current (September 22nd 2011) Google Merchant requirements.


What Does The Google Merchant Module Do?

  • Provides a solid, up to date and maintained alternative to the Interspire Froogle tool (provided in the Admin Control Panel)
  • Generates a static XML product feed in the appropriate format for the Google Merchant system
  • Supports large product listings that often crash the Interspire tool with the ability to pick up where it left off in the event of memory or runtime limits
  • Supports multiple country feeds (within the technical limits of the Interspire product)
  • Supports CRON and other Scheduled task systems for automatic feed generation


To put it simply, this module exports your entire product list into a Google-Merchant/GoogleBase/Froogle friendly format using a static filename (instead of the dynamic one created in the admin version) so you can tell Google to grab this regularly.


Google Merchant Fields Supported - Quick List

  • Google product category
  • Availability
  • Tax
  •   Shipping
    .... are ALL Supported

Google Merchant Fields Supported - Full List

  • Basic Product Information
    Supported: ID, Title, Description, Google product category, Product type, Link, Image link, Condition
    Additional Image Link

  • Availability & Price
    Supported: Availability, Price, Sale Price
    Sale price effective date**

  • Unique Product Identifiers
    Supported: Brand, Gtin, Mpn^

  • Apparel Products
    Supported: Gender*, Age group*, Color*, Size*

  • Product Variants
    Unsupported: (ALL) - See Variations information below

  • Tax & Shipping
    Supported: Tax, Shipping, Shipping weight

  • Nearby Stores
    Unsupported: No requests received to include support

  • Loyalty Points
    Unsupported: No requests received to include support

  • Multiple Installments
    Unsupported: Not compatible with ISC functionality

  • Additional Attributes
    Pending: Excluded destination (awaiting request for inclusion)
    Unsupported: Expiration date**


* Supported as custom fields with appropriate labels (NOT as Variation values! - see Variations information below)
^ Supported as either using SKU/Stock Code field information or a custom field with label "mpn"
** Unsupported as data is unavailable within the Interspire Cart code and not required by Google Merchant

Variation Support/Development

The current Interspire Shopping Cart system lacks critical functionality to allow the use of Variations as part of Google Merchant product feeds. These include:

  • Inability to directly link to a specific variation combination
  • Inability to set UPC (GTIN, EAN, etc..) for variation combinations

These are considerable hurdles to overcome and will require major code changes to the existing Interspire code to acheive so support for this particular feature is currently unknown


Beta support now available version 6.0.11 - 6.1.8 

Support for earlier versions may be added depending on demand and/or the amount of work required to retro-fix the Interspire code to provide the necessary information.
(Version compatibility changed following Google Merchant requirements changes for tax and google product type)

What Else...

This module resolves many of these requirements as well as adds a number of additional features/fields.

  • True multi market feeds including currency conversion
  • Links for foreign currency product feeds are pointed to the correct currency id
  • No longer lists products in "hidden" or limited access categories (resolving 404 spidering errors)
  • Truncates fields where required (product title, etc..)
  • Fields are shown according to admin configurations (option to override for feed):
    • Brands
    • Quantity/Stock levels
    • SKU/Product Codes
  • Handles Stores with Large Product Volumes (See below)
  • Protection against DDOS style attacks
    (ie: no longer able to force multiple feed generation by calling froogle.php file multiple times)
  • Price for non-US stores now shows tax inclusive price (as per specification)
  • Shipping info now shows cheapest shipping option for the single item [All required feeds]
  • Availability now shown including pre-order, available for order, etc... (as per specification)


Numerous updates, fixes and improvements have been added in response to user requirements, over the past 3 months alone so it's very much a work in progress, especially with the continued policy changes instigated by Google.


Support for Large Product Volumes

This module resolves one of the core problems caused by very large numbers of products. Issues such as memory_limits or php timeouts meant that successfully generating a feed from stores with these volumes, is (up to, and including, ISC version 6.1.6) impossible.

Not anymore!

  1. The module can simply pick up where it left off if the feed fails
  2. File locking ensures that only one copy of the module is working the file at one time, avoiding file corruption
  3. Newly generated feeds do not replace existing feed files until they have been completed, so you're not left without a feed (even if it's slightly out of date).
  4. Products are handled in batches, instead of reading the entire database into server memory, making the whole process more efficient.

Development, Update, Feature Requests.. Information.

You can follow development, "quick and dirty" bug fixes, updates and all things relating to this module on this forum discussion thread


  • The price includes 180 days of free upgrades and support 
  • Interspires continued lack of development/support of the main Shopping Cart Product means that requirements and development costs are considerably higher than anticipated. Additionally Google Merchant are increasingly stretching the policies/requirements resulting in considerably more work that licenses don't cover.
  • As this product has now been discontinued, if you wish to renew the cost is a one off £75 charge.

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Product Reviews

  1. Works just as he said it would! VERY Pleased!

    Posted by Kwickargo.com on 14th Dec 2011

    Just like one of you that are reading this, I too had multiple problems with Interspire Shopping Cart and its antiquated ways of sending Froogle Feeds, but after downloading this module and its updates(very important!) I now have a great functioning feed to Google.
    I encourage those of you who may be sitting on the fence, with a non-functioning ISC Google feed, and losing money each day, to go ahead and purchase this module. You won't be unhappy anymore! This guy (Martin) has fixed completely what the folks at Interspire won't do, and if they do, drag their feet about it.
    Go ahead and buy-it will fix it!!!!

  2. Excellent, good updates and helpful

    Posted by Treasure Island Sweets Ltd on 28th Nov 2011

    Seeing Interspire take forever to fix anything this add-on is invaluable and is updated regularly to comply with google merchant centre / product feed. Google has a habit of updating its requirements at short notice and this add-on is always updated quickly.
    Works very well for out UK based store. Only think stopping it getting a five star review is the lack of support for product options but that is a limitation of the Interspire code not the snail solutions add-on. Well worth every penny.

  3. [Resolved] works great, but now expiration date is messed up

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Nov 2011

    Everything was working fine until a couple days ago when the fee stopped working because the "expiration date" is not in advance. I am not sure where it is pulling the expiration date from to correct this.

    Note: This issue is a common problem when the feed generation has not been setup using CRON

  4. Very, very helpful mod

    Posted by Jack on 5th Nov 2011

    This mod has helped us a lot. It has reduced the amount of time we have to spend uploading, as it's automated. This has allowed us to submit 3 feeds a day (UK, Australia and USA). Just about all features available from Google are there in this mod and Martin has done a great job at going way way beyond what Interspire have included in their release.


  5. Excellent mod and support

    Posted by Brandeline on 16th Jun 2011

    A very nice add-on for the Interspire cart which fills a definite gap in the stock functionality. Responses to running problems on my windows system were swift, and effective. It works very well and reduced the errors on my Google base feed upload to next to nothing, where the original Interspire feed code was no longer compliant with the changing Google specs. Excellent work and work the money.

  6. An essential mod for Interspire site owners

    Posted by Antony Salem on 19th May 2011

    As a Interspire site owner with a large product database (over 35,000 products), the “out of the box” Google product feed module supplied by Interspire starts to creak under a hefty product set such as ours. The feed would take a number of hours to generate and more often than not, a time out would occur, resulting a lot of hair pulling and time wasted.

    This coupled with Google’s ongoing feed specification changes led to us looking for an alternative solution to ensure we retained our presence within the Google Products marketplace.

    Having discovered the SnailSolutions Google Merchant Feed module, it seemed a no brainer but to give it a shot… and am I glad that I did!

    With an extensive and rather complex product catalogue, teething problems weren’t unexpected. The support received was simply outstanding. Martin at Snail Solutions, painstakingly refined and reworked the module code to accommodate stores with large a product set such as ourselves, whilst at the same time enhancing it further to accommodate the latest changes announced by Google.

    Not only does the SnailSolutions Google Merchant Product Feed module create multi market feeds and ensure compliance with the latest Google Base requirements, but it also does it in lightening quick time. In our case, both UK and US feeds are generated in a third of the time it took the default Interspire module to create a single feed.

    I cannot recommend this module and the SnailSolutions support highly enough. If you are looking to bring more visitors to your site and/or expand into new markets, this is an essential purchase for any Interspire site owner.

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