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Google Merchant: How to setup the feeds on Google

This is a quick guide on how to setup your Google Merchant feeds on the Google Merchant Centre.


Initial Setup

  1. Make sure you have your GM Module generating the feeds and completing them successfully (Large product numbers may require multiple module runs to complete).
    Tip: Your feed should be visible at: http://www.[your-domain.com]/cache/GB_froogle-export.xml

  2. Go to the Google Merchant Centre (Sign up if you haven't already)

  3. Select "Data feeds" and click on the "New Data Feed"

  4. Select the "Target country" and then your input data feed file name
    eg: GB_froogle-export.xml

  5. Click "Save Changes"
  6. Now locate your new feed and click on the "Edit" link under "Upload schedule"

  7. Set the upload schedule and timezone normally

  8. Input your feed URL using the feed link you checked on earlier
    (eg: http://www.[your-domain.com]/cache/GB_froogle-export.xml)
    Note: Remember to use the correct country prefix for your target country
  9. Click "Update Schedule" or "Update and fetch now"


That completes a standard feed setup and will ensure that Google collects your completed feed using the schedule provided.

Obviously you need to setup a new feed for each target country and feed your intend to use...

Note: It is vital that you check the status of your feed as much as possible in the first few hours, days so you can resolve any errors, critical issues, etc... that might affect getting listed.


Correcting Problems & Forcing an Update

Invariably there are always problems with a new feed (missing UPC codes, Google product types, etc...) so once you've corrected these issues you'll want to resolve them on Google as quickly as possible. You can do this by:

  1. Fix whatever problems Google has highlighted

  2. Regenerating your feed (remember you might need to change the "Minimum Feed Age Before Renewal" in the Google Merchant Addon Settings (on your store)

  3. Check that the feed has completed regenerating and has the information GM highlighted

  4. Resolve any problems (if there are any).

  5. Go to Google Merchant Centre

  6. Select "Data feeds"

  7. Locate the required feed and click on the "Edit" link under "Upload schedule"

  8. Click on the "Update and fetch now" button

  9. Wait for the feed to finish processing (will take a long time for larger product feeds)

  10. Check whether the problems have been resolved.

Note: The Data Quality tests/errors are almost always out of date so check the time when the last test was run... The Warnings, etc..under the Data feeds > Status column are considerably more up to date.